The Masseria and The Cellar


The Farm House (Masseria) Santa Venia, where the vinification takes place, completed on "January 1850 by Oronzo Torsello, Gabriele Salesi and Giuseppe Balsamo, has been built in the proximity of the old town of Veglie. In fact the name originates from  Veglia, Velia and Venia and was built by the Greeks from the ruins of S. Venia and Bucidina at the time of the Emperor Niceforo in 965 B.C.The cellar has been created utilizing the typical arcade built in local limestone and has been equipped to obtain a high quality production.Fully automated fermentation in stainless steel tanks of the capacity from 20 to 250 hl are combined with  refrigerating units to control the temperature which are extremely important due to the climatic conditions at the time of harvest.